Board of County Commissioners Regular Morning Meeting May 9, 2017

Commissioner Updates 00:00:25

Consent Agenda 00:03:55

1. Agreement Between Eagle County and Hunn Planning and Policy, LLC for Planning Services ­ Aric Otzelberger 2. Amended Final Plat 6688 Homestead Acres ­ Sean Hanagan

Business Item 1 00:06:55

1. Resolution Authorizing the Extension of a Temporary Regulation Modifying the Development Review Process for a Period not to Exceed Six Months During a Time of Transition in the Community Development Department ­ Abby Musfeldt

Business Item 2 & 3 - Hardscrabble Ranch 00:13:55

2. Agreement Between Eagle County and The Conservation Fund Related to the Hardscrabble Ranch Conservation Project ­ Toby Sprunk 3. Fee Agreement for Purchase of Hardscrabble Ranch ­ Toby Sprunk

Business Item 4 - Treasurer Quarterly Report 01:32:00

Treasurer and Public Trustee Quarterly Report ­ Teak Simonton