Board of County Commissioners Morning Meeting July 18, 2017

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Commissioner Update 00:00:23

Consent Agenda 00:03:29

Constituent Input 00:06:05

Business Items 1-3 00:08:54

1. Resolution Granting Any Commissioner to Execute Documents as Part of The Conservation Fund's Acquisition and Permanent Preservation of the Hardscrabble Ranch Property - Toby Sprunk 2. Agreement Between Eagle County, Colorado and Eagle Ranch Association for the Hardscrabble Open Space Project- Toby Sprunk 3. Agreement between Eagle County and Town of Eagle for Funding of the Hardscrabble Open Space Project - Toby Sprunk

Business Item 4 00:12:49

4. Trail Easement Agreement with School District for Construction of Eagle to Horn Ranch Trail - Kevin Sharkey

Business Items 5-6 00:16:06

5. Memorandum of Understanding supporting the Eagle Valley Outdoor Movement Program - Adam Palmer 6. Resolution Supporting the Eagle Valley Outdoor Movement Program - Adam Palmer

Eagle County Housing and Development Authority 00:29:40

1. Agreement Between Lake Creek Village LLC and RA Nelson LLC for Procurement of Materials - Jill Klosterman

Eagle County Board of Equalization 00:34:02

1. Resolution Regarding Petitions to the Eagle County Board of Equalization

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