Board of County Commissioners Morning Meeting April 10, 2018

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Commissioner Updates 00:00:24

Consent Agenda 00:04:30

Items of a routine and non-controversial nature are placed on the consent agenda to allow the Board of County Commissioners to spend its time and energy on more important items on a lengthy agenda. Any Commissioner may request that an item be “REMOVED” from the consent agenda and considered separately. Any member of the public may “REQUEST” any item be “REMOVED” from the consent agenda.

Constituent Input 00:04:46

Any member of the public may address the Board on matters which are within the jurisdiction of the Board. If you are addressing the Board regarding a matter listed on the agenda, you are requested to hold your comments until the Board takes up that matter. Please limit your comments to three (3) minutes.

Resolution April Sexual Assault Awareness 00:07:23

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, an annual campaign to raise public awareness about sexual assault and educate communities and individuals on how to prevent sexual violence. Casey Wolfington with Bright Future Foundation will be here to present this resolution and share information/answer questions.

National Crime Victims' Rights Week 00:16:57

The Eagle County Sheriff's Office along with the BOCC proclaim the week of April 8 - April 14, 2018 as National Crime Victims’ Rights Week and reaffirms this County’s commitment to respect and enforce victims’ rights and address their needs throughout the year

Eagle County Air Terminal Corporation 00:21:12

Agreement Between Eagle County Air Terminal Corporation and Colorado Gifts and Grub LLC for Operation of Terminal Restaurant Concessions

Eagle County Housing and Development Authority 00:25:47

Upon repairing structural issues with the siding/window project at Lake Creek Village, it was observed that there is bacterial growth that needs to be remediated via a serum application through Blu-Sky Restoration. This is not part of the siding project and will not be funded through HUD, but it's in our best interest to complete it now before we finish up the building repairs.

Work Session - Public Safety 00:32:46

Gallagher and TABOR Public Safety Impacts

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