Board of County Commissioners Morning Meeting August 21, 2018

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On the Record 00:03:15

Commissioner Updates 00:03:20

Consent Agenda 00:11:06

1. Resolution Concerning Taxpayer Generated Petitions for Abatement and Refund of Taxes before the Eagle County Board of Commissioners 2. Memorandum of Understanding between Eagle County and the Colorado Department of Human Services for Title IV-E Waiver Grant 3. Agreement with Clayton Early Learning, Trustee, George W Clayton Trust and Eagle County for Early Head Start Services 4. SMB-7764 - A Resubdivision of Berry Creek Ranch Filing 4, Lot 26, Block 2 5. Resolution Approving an Amendment to the Old Edwards Estates VIII PUD PDA-6297 6. Resolution Approving an Amendment to the Beery Creek/Miller Ranch PUD PDA-6404 7. Resolution Approving Special Use Permit for Challenge Aspen Facility ZS-5995 8. Resolution Approving Special Use Permit for J-8 Home Business ZS-6506

Constituent Input 00:17:33

Business Item 00:17:47

Resolution Designating August 2018 As Child Support Services Month

County Board of Equalization 00:25:04

2018 Abstract of Assessment

Eagle County Liquor License Authority 00:28:35

New Lodging & Entertainment Liquor License Application - Riverwalk Development Co LLC DBA Riverwalk Theater

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