Board of County Commissioners Morning Meeting February 19, 2019

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New Commissioner Swearing In 00:00:23

Commissioner Updates 00:05:23

County Manager Updates 00:09:14

Consent Agenda 00:09:48

1. First Amendment to Agreement Between Eagle County and Early Childhood Partners 2. Agreement for Services Between Eagle County and Walking Mountains Science Center for Energy Smart Colorado Program 3. Approval of Minutes of the Board of County Commissioner Meetings for December 18 and December 21, 2018 4. AFP-7372; Amended Final Plat - Cordillera Subdivision Filing 11, Lots 20 and 21 5. AFP-7833; Amended Final Plat, Beaver Creek Subdivision; 2nd Filing, Block 1, Lot 13, Tract J

Constituent Input 00:10:41

Business Item 1 00:10:53

1. Resolution Adopting the 2018 Eagle County Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

Business Item 2 00:13:52

2. Resolution In The Matter Of Adopting Revised Emergency Service Provider Impact Fees Within The Greater Eagle Fire Protection District

State of the County Presentation 00:19:53

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