Board of County Commissioners Morning Meeting July 23, 2019

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Commissioner Updates 00:00:12

County Manager Update 00:03:17

Constituent Input 00:03:55

County Board of Equalization 00:04:07

Taxpayers who chose to appeal Eagle County Assessor's 2019 valuation (identified on the list of CBOE appeals attached hereto as Exhibit “A”) were set for hearing before the Board of County Commissioners of Eagle County, organized and convened as the County Board of Equalization for the purposes of adjusting, equalizing, raising or lowering the valuation for assessment of real and personal property within this county, fixed and made by the County Assessor for the year 2019. The Board appointed independent Referees to conduct hearings and to make findings and submit recommendations to the County Board of Equalization for its final action, based upon testimony and evidence presented by the Petitioners and the Assessor's representatives with regard to said petitions. The Referees have recommended adjustments of value or no adjustment of value or the parties have stipulated to a value with respect to those petitions identified. The signatures of the Board are requested upon consideration and approval of the recommendations of the referees.

AFP-7392 Brush Creek Valley Ranch Open Space 00:06:08

The Conservation Fund, working with Eagle County, successfully completed the purchase of the 1,540-acre Brush Creek Valley (the “Property”) in July 2017. On December 14, 2017, the Conservation Fund conveyed the Property to Eagle County and a conservation easement was granted to the Eagle Valley Land Trust. The completion of this conservation easement permanently protects the Property and adds the Property to Eagle County’s Open Space Program.

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