Board of County Commissioners Morning Meeting August 6, 2019

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On the Record 00:01:18

Commissioners Update 00:01:47

County Manager Update 00:04:25

Consent Agenda 00:05:50

1. Agreement Amendment No. 5 to State of Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing Intergovernmental Agreement with Eagle County for the County Medicaid Incentive Program 2. ZS-009034-2019 Special Use Permit for Williams Barn - Resolution for Approval

Constituent Input 00:06:40

Business Item 1 00:06:47

Amended Annual Appointments Resolution 2019

Business Item 2 00:08:30

Resolution Adopting the 2019 Colorado Communities for Climate Action Policy Statement

Eagle County Housing and Development Authority 00:15:17

SAAS Subscription Agreement - Yardi Systems, Inc. and Eagle County Housing and Development Authority

Work Session 00:17:41

Treasurer and Public Trustee Quarterly Report for 2nd Qtr. 2019

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