Board of County Commissioners Morning Meeting August 13, 2019

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On the Record 00:02:37

Commissioner Updates 00:02:50

County Manager Update 00:06:28

Consent Agenda 00:07:07

1. Agreement between Eagle County and the Federal Aviation Administration for the Construction of the De-Ice Pad 2. Temporary Construction Easement for Bull Run Mid-Block Crossing 3. Approval of the Minutes for the Board of County Commissioner Meetings for July 2, July 9, July 15, and July 16, 2019 4. Resolution Approving the Two Year Extension of the Fields Sketch Subdivision

Constituent Input 00:08:04

Business Item 1 00:08:13

1. Resolution Regarding Building Board of Appeals - Clint Janssen

Business Items 2 & 3 00:09:44

2. Resolution Ratifying the Purchase and Sale Agreement and Authorizing the Use of Open Space Funds for the Acquisition and Permanent Protection of the Ridgway Property and Authorizing any Commissioner to Sign Documents in Connection with Such Acquisition 3. Resolution Supporting the Grant Application for a Great Outdoors Colorado Open Apace Grant for the Acquisition of the Ridgway Property

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