Board of County Commissioners Morning Meeting October 8, 2019

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On the Record 00:02:14

Commissioner Updates 00:02:28

Fair & Rodeo Tough Enough to Wear Pink Donation

County Manager Update 00:06:21

consent agenda 00:12:03

1. Certificate Dissolving Eagle County Housing Authority established in 1981 2. First Amendment to Agreement for Nurse Home Visiting Program 3. Approval of the Minutes for the Board of County Commissioner Meetings for August 27, September 3, and September 10, 2019 4. Upper Eagle Regional Water Authority Encroachment Easement 5. PDA-7394 Approval Of An Amendment To The Frost And Salt Creek Planned Unit Development 6. AFP-7392 Resolution Approving An Amendment To The Final Plat For The Frost And Salt Creek Planned Unit Development 7. File No. ZC-7393 Resolution Approving An Amendment To The Official Zone District Map Of Eagle County For The Brush Creek Valley Ranch And Open Space

Constituent Input 00:13:34

Eagle County Housing and Development Authority 00:14:03

Ratification of Rent Schedule for Low Rent Housing at Riverview Apartments

Eagle County Liquor Licensing Authority 00:16:37

Resolution Establishing Beaver Creek Village Entertainment District

Work Session 00:29:12

Urban Land Institute's Technical Advisory Panel - West Edwards

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